Being part of the Municipality of Bucharest (Bucharest City Hall), Centrul de Proiecte Educaționale și Sportive București – PROEDUS is a local public institution, public authority, financed from the public budget of the Municipality of Bucharest and having responsibilities in the field of non-formal education, personal development and leisure, with its own legal authority. PROEDUS was founded through the Decision of the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest (HCGMB) no. 266/2009. The main objectives of PROEDUS are: a) Extracurricular training and development of skills and abilities in projects and programs addressed to preschoolers and students in the pre-university environment of Bucharest; b) Organizing courses and training courses for preschoolers and students from the pre-university environment in Bucharest, parents, teachers, auxiliary teaching staff, counselors and promoters of socio-educational, cultural-artistic, touristic, sport and entertainment activities, in order to involve their effectiveness in the programs and projects developed by PROEDUS;
c) Stimulating the creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and initiatives of preschoolers and students from the pre-university environment in Bucharest, meeting the needs of the community by preparing the young generation for a healthy lifestyle, career options awareness, teamwork spirit and understanding multiculturalism in today’s diverse society;
d) Providing educational and sports services by ensuring the overall concept and logistical support necessary in implementing educational actions and projects in areas like: sport, culture, art, tourism, ecology, volunteering, multimedia, civic involvement, social interaction and entertainment. PROEDUS recently restructured and reorganized its 64 employees into new departments and offices. As part of this process, the External Funding Office has been created as a dedicated division to coordinate and manage funding for educational projects. The External Funding Office participates as a partner in external (local, national and international) projects. It is currently comprised of four team members, three of which are senior members experienced in working with European structural and cohesion funds, project management and nonformal education.