The history of Amasya University (AU) goes back to the year of 1974. AU has a vision to improve the competencies of the students for education and business by agreements with various institutions. As a requirement of this vision, AU gives more importance to its students’ professional development. As an ideal university for this project, AU is primarily responsible for transferring this heritage and prosperity to the future generations as a leader institution. It has been the most outstanding institution in teacher training in Turkey. Through its unique characteristics, it has made major contributions to the intellectual development of the human resources of the country. AU advances towards being an ideal university, which serves with the aim of graduating enlightened people needed for the developments in the economy, health, art, and culture of the country. Therefore, the graduates of AU has been contributed to the needs of research, learning, health and education to make our country a contemporary leader in the world. AU has taken responsibility based on this vision since it was established. Our university strives to take its place among the universities of the world in the fields of art, science, education, and engineering without compromising fundamental values. The university prides itself on its academic, technological, and cultural achievements in the region and in the international arena while keeping the historical mission of the city of Amasya in mind.